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My Observations of Sarah Palin

Posted by Daniel on June 11, 2011 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Many are talking about Sarah Palin as if she were running for president among the conservative talk radio hosts. Fact is, she’s not running, and I doubt she will run for president and the Republican Party will be far better off for it.


Conservative radio talk hosts hate this but it is the truth, Sarah Palin is not an intellectual nor is she a policy expert. She does not debate well at all, she has no debating skills whatsoever, which would allow obummer a huge advantage if she were the nominee.


She has squandered almost three years since the last election and she had mixed success at best in supporting candidates in 2010. My advice to her would have been to brush up on international affairs, foreign policy, and policy in general and stay out of the limelight.


Instead, she has displayed her political immaturity be getting involved with petty issues beneath the dignity of someone running for the presidency or possibly so. Her engaging in a fire fight with Letterman was childish, while we have come to expect obtuse verbalisms from Letterman you would expect a higher standard from Sarah Palin.


Then we have her and her daughter issues the on off on off relationship of Bristol and Levi. If she cannot keep her home life in order how will she run the country? While I applaud her on many levels and applaud her pro life values I still think she is a political liability for the Republican Party should she become its nominee.


She tends to be polarizing one either hates or loves her, she has virtually not appeal among independents at all, her appeal is very narrow mainly confined to Tea Party. She is challenged in the context that she has an inherent inability to inspire. In that respect she is the anti-Reagan inasmuch as President Ronald Reagan had broad appeal, he appealed to practically every faction of the Republican Party, attractive to independents and some conservative Democrats hence the term “Reagan Democrats” I suppose I am not being fair, comparing President Reagan to Sarah Palin is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Yugo. Has any of her speeches achieved the quality of Reagan? Not in my mind.


Next we have her visceral inability to complete anything from colleges to her governorship. Yes She finally did obtain a minor degree in communications after attending a wide array of colleges. I believe that is her most serious flaw. Have no doubt, should she run it will definitely come up on the campaign trail and in debates. How she will explain it would be extremely this day it has not been satisfactorily explained, one may wonder just how prepared is this woman to handle adversity?


An interesting side bar to all this is why are two well known Conservative Talk Radio Hosts going out of their way to defend Palin from attacks yet totally ignore Michele Bachmann who is bashed just as much as Palin? As far as I am concerned Bachmann can wrap circles around Palin, that is just my personal opinion. She polls better with independents than Palin does and in one Zogby poll she actually has a slight 1% lead over obummer.


She can comfortably and intelligently discuss policy issues, unlike Palin, Bachmann is a skilled debater with a great resume to run on! It is far more extensive and passionate then Palin’s sparse political experience


Lastly, one more liability Palin has is the majority of Conservative newspaper columnists do not like her, one can make an argument that is a good thing, and yet their constant bashing could hurt her in the primaries and the general should she be the nominee. My conclusion is that if she she were to run I believe there would be no clear winner in the primaries it would lead to a brokered convention and whoever the nominee is would go into the general election facing obummer fatally wounded That is just my personal opinion. Feel free to tweet me your opinion.

As always may God Bless you all and God Bless America.