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A Word About The Holy Rosary

Posted by Heather on May 5, 2011 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (1)

I would like to discuss the Holy Rosary♥ and its significance and importance to the Catholic Faith. First, allow me to say that in all Our Ever Virgin Blessed Holy Mother's appearances in Fatima she always said to pray the Holy Rosary. Now I have encountered many Evangelicals, Protestants, Methodists etc that say why are we praying to Mary? Its wrong they say. Then go on to give a litany of reasons why we should not pray directly to Mary.♥



The fact is we do not pray to Our Ever Virgin Blessed Mother,♥ we pray through her, that is to say as a Mediatrix or intercessor for Jesus♥ and in fact praying to Our Ever Virgin Blessed Mother♥ is praying  to Jesus.♥  Let me say to those skeptics that refuse to believe in Our Ever Virgin Blessed Holy Mother♥ as Mediatrix how do they explain the the Miracles of Fatima, /The Miracle of the Sun which is recorded natural fact in world history? Certainly that did not and could not happen without the full authority of God The Father Jesus God The Son And The Holy Spirit.  How  do they explain the Miracle of Guadalupe? She appeared to Juan Diego  with a request that he go to the local Archbishop that a Catholic Church be built. Here we need to pause and reflect upon the greatness of this act, a Catholic Church, the actual Bride of Christ,♥ can anyone say that this appearance, request and miracle was not without the Divine cooperation of God the Father,♥ His Only Begotten Son Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ♥ and The Holy Spirit?♥ I say this so people can understand that Praying to Our Ever Virgin Holy Blessed Mother is praying to Jesus, even in the mysteries of the Rosary it is Jesus♥ centered not focused on Our Ever Virgin Blessed Holy Mother But Jesus.♥



Throughout history many miracles have been attributed to praying the Holy Rosary as well as Miracles attributed to Our Ever Virgin Blessed Holy Mother.♥ Our Lady blesses not only those who preach her Rosary, but she highly rewards all those who get others to say it by their example.



Alphonsus, King of Leon and Galicia, very much wanted all his servants to honor the Blessed Virgin by saying the Rosary. So he used to hang a large rosary on his belt and always wore it, but unfortunately never said it himself. Nevertheless his wearing it encouraged his courtiers to say the Rosary very devoutly.



One day the King fell seriously ill and when he was given up for dead he found himself, in a vision, before the judgment seat of Our Lord. Many devils were there accusing him of all the sins he had committed and Our Lord as Sovereign Judge was just about to condemn him to hell when Our Lady appeared to intercede for him. She called for a pair of scales and had his sins placed in one of the balances whereas she put the rosary that he had always worn on the other scale, together with all the Rosaries that had been said because of his example. It was found that the Rosaries weighed more than his sins.



Looking at him with great kindness Our Lady said: "As a reward for this little honor that you paid me in wearing my Rosary, I have obtained a great grace for you from my Son. Your life will be spared for a few more years. See that you spend these years wisely, and do penance."



When the King regained consciousness he cried out: "Blessed be the Rosary of the Most Holy Virgin Mary,♥ by which I have been delivered from eternal damnation!"



After he had recovered his health he spent the rest of his life in spreading devotion to the Holy Rosary♥ and said it faithfully every day.



People who love the Blessed Virgin out to follow the example of King Alphonsus and that of the saints whom I have mentioned so that they too may win other souls for the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary. They will then receive great graces on earth and eternal life later on. "They that explain me shall have life everlasting life." Ecclus. 24:31



That is just one well known example that Our Ever Virgin Blessed Holy Mother♥ can intercede on our behalf as Mediatrix to Jesus for mercy and pardon of our sins, I believe this and stand by it and well defend her against all adversaries that are contrary to Her, I further implore for all Catholics to daily pray the Holy Rosary, as a matter of fact seven times a week working up to seven times a day. Do not fear praying to Our Ever Virgin Blessed Holy Mother, she loves us as Jesus loves us and wants to help and guide us to her Beloved Son Jesus.



As you can see up top left I enclosed a photo as to how beginners can pray the Holy Rosary, please note the Holy Rosary should be Blessed by an ordained priest and that the Holy Rosary if worn is not a fashion statement! It is a tool to pray with and shall be treated with extreme reverence  and respect.. Also it should have not a cross at the beginning but a Crucifix with Jesus on the cross, not just a cross. 



Praying the rosary can be summarized as follows:

Opening Prayers

- Make the "Sign of the Cross" and say the "Apostle's Creed".

- Say one "Our Father".

- Say three "Hail Mary" prayers (for an increase in faith, hope, and charity).

- Say the "Glory Be".

Combined Prayer & Meditation

- Announce the first mystery for the current day.

- Say one "Our Father".

- Say ten "Hail Mary" prayers while meditating on the first rosary mystery.

- Say one "Glory Be".

- Say the "Fatima Prayer" (optional but recommended).

- Repeat this sequence for remaining mysteries.

Concluding Prayers

- Say one "Hail, Holy Queen".

- Finish with the "Sign of the Cross".

Optional prayers

- After each "Glory Be" it has become tradition to recite the "Fatima Prayer".

- Include the "Let Us Pray", "Memorare", and/or "Prayer to St. Michael" at the end of the rosary.

- Most Catholics pray an "Our Father", "Hail Mary", and "Glory Be" for the Pope to Shepherd his flock wisely.



The rosary is a form of combined prayer and meditation that has been around for over 1200 years. The origin of the rosary dates back to the ninth century where Irish monks would recite and chant the 150 Psalms of the Bible as a major part of their worship. People living near the monasteries were drawn towards this beautiful and harmonious devotion, and they became very eager to join in with the monks' prayers.




rosary psalms




The 150 Psalms of the Bible






Book Of Psalms

Unfortunately, the people were not able to adapt to this form of prayer because the psalms were very hard to memorize and printed copies of the psalms were not readily available. As a result, it was suggested to the people outside the monastery that they recite a series of 150 "Our Father" prayers in place of the psalms.




As this form of devotion became increasingly popular, people started to devise methods in order to keep track of their prayers. At first, 150 little pebbles were placed inside small leather pouches to keep count. Since this method was rather troublesome, a thin rope having 50 knots on it was used instead (it was used three times for a total of 150 prayers). Eventually, the instrument of choice became the use of string with small pieces of wood.




In later years, the Irish monks traveled throughout Europe and brought this form of devotion with them. In some areas, both clergy and lay people began to recite the "Angelic Salutation" (the first part of what we now know as the "Hail Mary") as part of this devotion. The popularity of this prayer led to the adoption of 50 Angelic Salutations being said for each piece of wood or knot on the prayer string.




During the 13th century, Medieval theologians began to interpret the 150 psalms as veiled mysteries about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They began to write a series of Psalters, or praises, in honor of Jesus for each interpretation of the psalms. In addition, 150 Psalters honoring Mary were also composed. In order to fit the existing prayer string, these Psalters were divided into groups of 50 and were referred to as "Rosariums". Although "rosarium" refers to roses and rose gardens, it was used to signify a collection of prayers which could be compared to a bouquet of roses.




So there is a brief primer on Our Ever Virgin Blessed Holy Mother And The Holy Rosary, please bear is mind that you need not be Catholic to pray it but all Catholics should pray the Holy Rosary! But please pray with reverence and respect 




As we see today, the rose is a very popular symbol associated with our Blessed Mother Mary and it is a sign that she often uses as she did in the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe.




The interpretation of the psalms into written Psalters lead to the implementation of special thoughts or meditations being attached to each bead. This innovated version of the rosary was widely spread by Blessed Alan de la Roche of the Dominican Order, as it revived the divinely inspired works that St. Dominic and his Rosary Confraternity had initiated some hundred years earlier. The prayers of the Rosarium were later broken out into sets of 10 and these groupings became known as decades. Each decade of ten "Hail Mary" prayers would be preceded by one "Our Father".




Around the year 1700, the thoughts used in the rosary started to become narratives. St. Louis de Montfort composed the most common set of narratives that eventually became used as meditations for each decade of the rosary. These narratives were divided into five Joyful, five Sorrowful, and five Glorious meditations that are referred to as "mysteries" and while praying please reflect upon each one. May God Bless You All!♥






Truly Understanding Our Rich Catholic Faith

Posted by Heather on May 4, 2011 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (1)


Op-Ed By Heather

 The Purpose of my Blog Catechises today is twofold, first its to lay the foundation of our Catholic Faith and Creed, second to direct our attention specifically one of the Catholic Churches central characteristics.

This blog will focus on unfolding the meaning of what we say about the Catholic Church every time we recite the Nicene Creed. We proclaim ourselves to be a people who believe in "the one Holy Catholic Apostolic Church". These characteristics are are traditions are what are referred to as "Marks of the Church" The Church is one, she is Holy, She is Catholic and most importantly The Bride of Christ. 

We state emphatically that we believe in the church. So to begin let us open our reflections by giving some attention to what it means to believe in the Holy Catholic Church. First as regards our Profession of Faith, we need to make some important distinctions, these distinctions are found clearly in the official Latin version of the creed, but they sadly not reflected in the English translation.

They are important distinctions and we need to be aware of them. Long ago Saint Augustine pointed out three different ways in Latin by which one can express belief in God. One can say "Credo Deo" which means I believe in something on the sole basis of God's authority, or one can say "Credo  Deum" which translates as I believe God exists. Neither of those above formulations occurs in the English version of the Creed. Neither Credo Deo or Credo Deum. 

The Latin version of the Nicene Creed says Credo In Deum which literally means I believe into God or I believe towards God. What is expressed here is something alive, dynamic if you will. It expresses movement towards God. Certainly we as faithful catholics believe God exists, and of course we accept the truths of revelations on the basis of the authority of God who will never deceive us. The catholic Faith is more than that, Credo in Deum...the act of faith is the complete surrender of one's entire life into the hands of God, I ask all readers please make mental note of that in your mind and in your heart.  When a catholic states "I believe in God" he or she is saying I give my life over to God without qualification, reservation and condition. It is nothing less than complete total surrender, freely and lovingly given in response to God's loving initiative and intervention in history and in our personal lives.

Sadly these distinctions are not captured in the English translation but are extremely important to know and to understand. This Act of Faith, this Credo In Deum is reserved to God alone. God alone is the goal of this faith. We do not reserve this Profession of Faith to anything that is not God, not even to His works. Among the works of God is the Holy Catholic Church and while we do say we believe in that, so what in fact do we mean? Once again English is the challenge, in our language we do say "We believe in the church" but the Latin does not, it does not say "Credo in Ecclesiam, that particular grammatical usage is reserved for God only...for the above reasons stated. What the Latin version is "Credo Ecclesiam" or more fully "Credo Ecclesiam Unam Sanctam Catholicam Et Apostolicam" its translation is rendered as "We profess the one holy, Catholic Apostolic Church".

Credo Ecclesiam means we accept and profess that the Holy Catholic Church is the work of God, that it part of God's saving plan for the world. God intends the church and has created it by the missions of of His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in history. Sadly many catholics today will assert a separation between their belief in God and their participation in the life of the church.

"I believe in Jesus but I don't see what being part of the church has to do with that" they will say. This false belief of a separation between Faith in God and acceptance of the Holy Catholic Church is inconsistent with Catholic belief as we profess it in our Nicene Creed. We believe in God, we surrender our entire lives to God and God alone and because of that we accept everything God has revealed. All that is part of His saving purpose including The Holy Catholic Church. Credo in Deum leads to Credo Ecclesiam. Now to deepen our understanding of this let me point out a passage from Saint Paul's Letter to the Ephesians...1: 3-10

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has Blessed us in the Heavenly realms with every spiritual Blessing in Christ. For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will— to the praise of His Glorious grace, which He has freely given us in the One he loves. In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s Grace that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding, He made known to us the mystery of His will according to His good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ."

In that passage Saint Paul is speaking with great wonder and joy about the plan of God for the world.  God does have an intention for the world, a purpose so important that for its accomplishment God sent His only Begotten Son Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

You may be wondering what is that plan?  Paul says God chose to reveal it. The best I a humble servant of the Lord can explain it is simply as follows, it is to gather up, to bring together all things under Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ. God's plan is communion...all things united under Jesus Christ.

Let us explore this for a minute, first you have to reflect about being created in the Image and Likeness of God, then, reflect on the Mystery of the Fall, the Original Sin of Adam and Eve, this is the necessary background of understanding God' Holy Plan. In Genesis, it teaches us God made man in His Image and Likeness, it means God fashioned us for relationship with Him. By that I mean that were were created not only that God can address us in that we can listen and respond, but also most wonderously that God can pledge Himself to us and we can offer our lives to Him in return. God is love and most importantly sovereignly free.

Created in His Image and Likeness we are made for love and we were given at creation the gift of freedom or free will, so that our loving response to God would be true. God is also Communion, we now know in the light of revelation God is Three Persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To be created in His Image and likeness then is to be created for communion, male and female He made them. Now consider the fall Adam and Eve's trust in God was allowed to die. They abused their freedom and disobeyed the command of God. 

In consequence their unity with God and their communion with each other were shattered. They hid from God and hid their nakedness before one another. What this teaches is that when separated from its comon source of origin, namely God  humanity itself becomes divided. The bond of unity is love. As long as Adam and Eve loved and had trusting obedience to God, they were united to one another. Love unites, sin separates or more precisely   Love unites us to God and sin separates us from God.

These creation passages help us to gain some insight into God's plan for salvation or what it means to be saved by God. Salvation then is the definitive and lasting recovery of lasting unity with God.  We accomplish this by prayer, especially The Holy Rosary denial of pleasure, regular confession and regular receiving of Holy Communion, we must succeed where Adam and Eve failed. How do we accomplish that? The way is easily explained, since Jesus is perfection we must strive to perfection and that perfection is Jesus Christ. Jesus says, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Jesus is the definitive   Communion to reunite us with God The Father!  Let us travel that path together Amen 

God Bless All my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus  


Man with paralysed leg walks 1,000 miles after visit to Lourdes

Posted by Heather on April 29, 2011 at 7:36 AM Comments comments (0)

I recently came across this article that moved me to tears of joy and I know it will for all those that love and pray to Our Ever Virgin Blessed Mother Mary♥ as intecessor and Mediatrix to Jesus♥ and revere and believe in the Miracles of Fatima, I want to share this.

A man with a paralysed left leg has completed a 1,000-mile hike to Santiago de Compostela after being cured at Lourdes, it has been reported.

Television repair man Serge François, 40, said he felt a warm glow spread down his herniated leg during a visit to Lourdes in 2002.

He said he had been praying at the grotto where Bernadette Soubirous first had visions of the Virgin Mary in 1858, and all of his suffering suddenly disappeared.

After regaining the use of his leg, Mr François walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (the Way of St James), the pilgrimage route spanning France and Spain.

Mr François, from La Salle-et-Chapelle-Aubry in Maine, western France, reported what happened to the International Medical Committee of Lourdes and 20 doctors have now concluded that it was indeed “remarkable”.

Bishop Emmanuel Delmas of Angers said: “In the name of the Church, I publicly recognise the ‘remarkable’ character of the healing from which Serge François benefited at Lourdes on April 12, 2002. This healing can be considered a personal gift from God to man, as an event of grace, as a sign of Christ the Saviour.”

Bishop Delmas said the bureau of medical experts at Lourdes had concluded that the recovery was “sudden, complete, unrelated to any particular therapy and durable”.

The healing could be considered “as a personal gift of God for this man, as an event of grace, as a sign of Christ the Saviour”, he said, avoiding the word “miracle”.

More than 7,000 cases of unexplained healings have been recorded in Lourdes, but only 67 have been recognised as miraculous by the Church. The healing of Mr François may be the 68th.

All I can add is All Glory Honor And Praise Be To God♥ Amen!


A Mother's Day Message

Posted by Heather on April 27, 2011 at 8:09 AM Comments comments (1)


A word about Catholicism and femininity. I still remember the first time I heard my mom utter the words I am not a feminist to a friend in the house she was having afternoon tea with. She considered the word "feminist" near blasphemy. Now as an adult , wife and a mother I feel the same way and pray my daughter will pass that legacy on to her children.


Over the years, being immersed in the Catholic world, and I've learned that I’m not the only one who struggles with faith and and femininity. There are, of course, many mislead CINO Catholics who reject true Catholicism outright because of the lack of women in top leadership, and a few who courageously fight to keep traditional Catholic ideology and doctrine such as myself, my sister in Christ Jesus and bestest friend Di along with many others both men and women.


There are many like us (Conservative Catholics) fighting the radical, man-hating, and pro-abortion on demand crowd—a growing number of Conservative Catholic men and women are denying  feminism. By the misguided concept of CINO's fighting for feminism they are only hurting themselves and causing scandal to the Catholic Faith. I believe in time both men and women, will open up the conversation between these two points of view. I will always hope the clergy will treat women in its ranks more equally, but in opening this conversation, I also have come to see a positive relationship between Catholicism and femininity that aims to protect the rights of the most vulnerable, by that I mean the unborn children with the right to live, the right to life that God blessed them with not a right to take a life away,because women, and consequently their children, still suffer the effects of moral depravity and other injustices more than men do, Catholics must fight for them.


Notice I use the word femininity not feminism there is a difference, feminism is human made misguided concept, femininity is the blessing that God gave unto woman, her femininity is God's Glory working in her. We are not to be, act or dress like the man for that is the domain God gave to man, nor is the man to act be or dress like the woman for that is the domain God gave unto the woman, both are blessings from God.


Pope John Paul II once used the phrase "Feminine Genius" combined with "Spiritual Motherhood" which I find important in general terms and especially important with Mother's Day coming up soon. We as Catholic Moms are in a sense, the legacy we pass on to our daughters. Our spiritual motherhood is the values and faith we teach our children to guide them properly in life and specifically in our Catholic Faith. Part of God's blessing of femininity is the gift of nurture from the day of birth of our children to the day we pass on we are charged with that obligation to God and to our Catholic Faith and our children. 


I want to weigh in on the flawed concept of social justice and poverty as it sadly exists within the Catholic Faith. The cunningly try to tie that in with feminism. Bunk! They are using the UN to brainwash catholics... The United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, aimed at reducing global poverty, identify gender equality (goal #3) and women’s access to employment, education, and health care as economic problems. For those who live on less than a dollar a day—the majority of whom are female—putting food on the table is a women’s issue. Ha! That is communist anti catholic propaganda! Putting food on the table is a man's issue not a woman's unless she is widowed or sadly divorced . 


in turn leads me to another issue that deeply upsets me, the Catholic clergy is making divorce far too easy in the last two decades they have been doling out annulments like cotton candy instead of working to keep marriages from falling apart. that is due to the fact that many clergy both Bishops and Priests are doing a poor job ministering to the flock. . 


Marriage is a Sacrament and all God's Sacraments are to be treated with the highest form of reverence, respect, and solemnity. I am tired of whiners that wax eternal about how they cannot live together, my husband this... my wife that! Enough!

Marriage is hard work it is not pure bliss and was never intended to be, as long as people are human and make mistakes, as long as people are not perfect no marriage will be perfect, we have to make it work. Perhaps the best was is to follow Jesus' example to forgive, not just neighbors but wives forgiving husbands and vice versa. Jesus sacrificed and surrendered His life for us, sometimes we need to sacrifice our egos and pride for our spouses, to forgive is to love, to love is to strengthen the bonds of Holy Matrimony. 


Closing words: I was deeply saddened by a poll that put Pro Life at 14% Reproductive Rights at 15% and Povery Reduction at 16% as major concerns for the misguided female CINO feminist catholics as major concerns. That can be attributed to poor ministering from Priests and Bishops not upholding Catholic Canon Law! As Always May God♥ Bless You All And God♥ Bless America♥







Once Again Obummer Fails At Christianity

Posted by Heather on April 24, 2011 at 4:23 PM Comments comments (0)

Jesus Being Consoled In The Garden There are those that that long to hear obummer speak truly and openly about his "alleged" Christianity but I am not one unless he comes clean and repents his evil past and changes. Sadly that is not about to happen anytime soon.


Obummer has a difficult time discussing and engaging in Christian discourse and it is easily visible to the naked eye that obummer is far more comfortable discussing muslim / islam as opposed to Christianity.

His most recent discussion on Christianity was very bizarre and cryptic  and once again seemed to be discussing it in the context of a "third person" point of view. Also it denotes his complete lack of understanding of the Christian faith. To get by and to pass himself off as a Christian, he engages in quotes from passages that his evil trolls provide him with, then mixes them with metaphors, soundbites and humorous one liners..


The bizarre nonsense starts at the very beginning of the Easter Prayer Breakfast, note we are dealing with the MOST IMPORTANT CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY in all Christendom not any muslim islam holiday yet he starts off by introducing USAID Director Rajiv Shah a scientist by trade and a muslim by faith, obummer begins to whine about him not getting enough credit for his work with world faith leaders, which is what? The easy guess is brainwashing them tro adopt a left wing social justice ideology that emancipates radical muslimism and morphs Christianity to new age social justice.


In his speech at the Easter Prayer Breakfast obummer waxes ad nauseam about his starting the National Easter Prayer Breakfast and this being the "Second Annual"  and of course we are supposed to believe that it has absolutely nothing to do with the polls that say a substantial proportion of the American public believing he is a muslim.

If you noticed in that short speech it was not some much about God but him starting off practically with I, I, I, I, I this I that before he finally gets to God. Once he starts he then begins in the "third person syndrome. He says "There is something about the Resurrection" in a very stand offish way. What does obummer mean "the shame of the cross" that is truly bizarre and as a Christian I find it insulting, these words if you see this speech on youtube was presented as though it were memorized from text written for him rather from the heart.


Then we get a quote from Isaiah, that some aide looked up for him. Then the most bizarre moment of all, he says it "caused him to give thanks to 'our son' then corrected himself and says 'His Son' (God's) Freudian slip? I wonder! Obummer asked for pardon of his sins and falling short, well, I can think of one particular area where he can ammend his falling short, his brutal promotion of abortion and partial birth abortion which is tantamount to murder and that is not enough, for obummer he wants surviving babies of botched abortions to die as well, and yet he acts so pious and self righteous at his prayer breakfast. It is no wonder no one takes his Christianity seriously and that he cannot speak with athority on any Christian doctrine or issue. All this was poll driven, to portray himself as a Christian, if that were the case he failed. One wonders with so many failures as a president how could he ever have garduated college, assumming he went. 

As aways may God♥ Bless You All And God Bless America.♥

My Experience with the C-Word

Posted by Di on April 17, 2011 at 5:34 PM Comments comments (1)

I would like to talk to you about the C-word, the thing that not too many Catholics like to talk about.  Yes, you are correct it is Confession.  For all of you Catholics that think you are doing yourself a favor by not going to Confession or you think that if you say to God “God I am sorry” and that will be good enough you are so wrong.  You may be thinking where does she get off saying that? Well, I speak from experience.  I hadn’t been to Confession in 33 yearsbecause I felt that I didn’t have to confess my sins to a priest he was human just like me and that God knew what I had done wrong and if I was sorry, not good enough.  That is the easy way out and I know that for a fact.

What I have found since I have been going to Confession on a regular basis is that I don't or I try not to do the same sins again. I am more aware of my sins and try not to repeat the same sin again.  You think to yourself, do I want to have to say to the priest again the same sins?  I know I don’t, that would make me a failure and that is something us humans don’t like to do is fail.  So why confess if you know you could possibly do it again? How many times do you think Jesus would forgive you. Jesus told Peter,  "I say not, to thee seven times; but seventy times seven times. Don't you think if Jesus said this to Peter that He being God would do it many more times than He expected us as humans to do?

I was the product of poor catechesis.  I was also at the cusp of Vatican II coming in late to the Dioceses of Cincinnati.  I still can remember kneeling for Communion at the Communion rail (early 70's), that shouldn’t have been taken away.  I also can remember the confessional that had the screens, but then in the 6th grade they stopped doing the confessional and it was then face to face.  In my opinion that was a very bad mistake.  I not only stopped going to confession I started lying to get out of going. I told school, I was going with my mom and told my mom I went at school to get out of it, so I sinned to get out of going face to face.

The worst thing I did was bring this ill feeling of confession to my children.  I was wrong very wrong.  Confession is a blessing, I blessing I didn’t fully understand until 2009.  I go to confession not face to face but behind a screen now but my daughters who are 21 and 19 do not go I am sure I will answer dearly for that and so I should.  I pray for them every day to go back.  I know they would feel so much better if they did. Sin makes us close to satan,he wants us in the dark. Confession brings us closer to God and into the light, a light that satan doesn't want us to be in.

My son tells me every time he goes to confession “Mom I feel all tingly inside and I feel so much better and I will try not to do those sins again” That’s what it is all about people.  Come back please! There is nothing too big that you have done that God if you ask Him will not forgive.  All you have to do is with a contrite heart confess.

God Bless You All,



Time For Catholics Of Good Faith To Take Action Against Bill Maher

Posted by Heather on April 14, 2011 at 8:06 AM Comments comments (0)

Genuine Post By Ms Heather

Sadly, it has reached time to address the Bill Maher bashing of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Clergy. Bashing the Catholic Church is the more serious of the two because She is the actual Bride of Christ Jesus and by  insulting Her you are blaspheming, you are also inciting others to blaspheme Our Holy and Sacred Church.

By insulting the catholic clergy and laity you are also committing a sin of indifference, that simply means leading and aiding and abetting others to sin. It seems Bill Maher has a bone to pick with Catholics only while ignoring what goes on in other faiths. Silent is Maher on Muslim / Islam that use innocent children as suicide bombers, what greater abuse of children can there be then to murder them? Does Bill Maher ever devote a show to sexual abuse that is allowed in sharia law? The atrocities of what they allow? Does he ever devote a show that details muslim /islam has the highest rates of sexual abuse of any major organized faith in the world? No Never!

I have embedded a video, it is not in english but has subtitles and has to do with muslim abuse of children about halfway through the short video you can watch by clicking here of couse Bill Maher chooses to ignore that, no "bashing of mulims" that of course is "sacred ground" in left wing anti catholic hollyweird. Bill Maher is for lack of a better description an anti Catholic Bigot.

It grieves me deeply that it has become politically correct to bash Christians, specifically Catholics. With Maher It is far more than playing it up for laughs, which in and of itself would be vulgar, but its about hatred for him, his loathing and hatred for God and Catholicism. Bill Maher specifically bashed an organization I admire and respect their work, plus on both my websites you will see their ads on the sidebar to the right, it is a beautiful video and brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I play it. I pray it inspires others that visit my site as well!

How idiot Bill Maher could bash a decent catholic organization like Catholics Come Home other than pure hatred is beyond me.What worries me is the message Bill Maher is sending, "catholic bashing is cool" because sadly it resonates among innocent impressionable young children, especially ones that attend public schools, I teach seventh grade CCD classes to such students every Sunday after mass, so I am in a position to know. I cannot even begin to tell you how many students I inherit that have no clue as to what prayers comprise Catholic Penance in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, nor the proper examination of conscience.

But I teach them on two levels, the Baltimore Catechism and my own personal advanced method where I give them the basic precepts of Catholic Canon Law, Summa Theologica, as well as the Confessions of St. Augustine at the end of the year I test them and they know as much or more than their 12th grade peers at Catholic Parochial Schools I do the best I can to prepare them for the idiot Bill Maher's of the world so they know how to properly deal with those godless liberal bigots.

I hope that all that read this will boycott maher/hbo/time warner to the best of their ability to do so, we catholic laity must band together and fight on comon ground, that may sometimes mean fighting CINO's many of which sadly are clergy but we must fight for the Original Catholic Faith Jesus passed to St. Peter our first Pope and to preserve it with love, obedience, faith, courage, loyalty and the ability to fight and take action when called upon. We must be latter day John The Baptists to speak out and speak boldly for God Our Father♥, His Only Begotten Son Our Lord God And Savior Jesus Christ♥, And The Holy Spirit♥, with special love, devotion and veneration for Our Ever Virgin Blessed Mother Mary♥. For those that want to witness Maher's Catholic  bashing I will not put that vile vulgar hatred on my site but you can see it on youtube click here I thank any and all visitors to our site and as always May God be with you and God Bless You and Yours Always and God Bless America


The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God

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Sacred Heart Of Our Ever Virgin Mary


The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God


Let’stalk about the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was the Immaculate Conception (Luke 1:28 and the angel, said “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed are thou among women. That is just one text there are others Proverbs 8 and Ecclesiasticus 24 and Canticle ofCanticles 4:7).

These passages are talking about the Mother of God, but are only understood by those of us who know the privilege of knowing the Blessed Mother in our hearts.  She will be the one to bring us to Her Son. She is our Mother given to us by Jesus Her son at His death on the cross. 

TheBlessed Mother was born without sin. That means she didn’t have original sin which came from Adam and Eve. The sin the rest of us have at birth, that we received because of Adam and Eve.  So let us think for a moment what that means;

InGenesis 2:16-17 God said to Adam; And he commanded him, saying: Of everytree of paradise thou shalt eat: But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil,thou shalt not eat,  for in what day soever thou shalt eat of it, thou shalt die the death. So does this mean that God had intended Adam and Eve to live forever? In Love, Joy and suffer no pain. So if that is true, because they ate of the tree of Knowledge they would now suffer death and pain?

If you go to the book of Genesis 3:16 it says; To the woman also he said:I will multiply thy sorrows, and thy conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband's power, and he shall have dominion over thee. 

Can we then say that when the Blessed Mother gave birth to Jesus that there was NO pain because she didn NOT have original sin?

She was born with out sin.  Does this mean she didn’t have the punishment which was put on Adam and Eve for eating of the tree of knowledge?  If not, then she would have lived forever?  This brings meto the Assumption.  Did the Blessed Mother die? NO, If we believe as Catholics she was born without original sin, (Immaculate)then she wouldn’t die.  God had planned for Adam and Eve to live forever, before disobeying Him, so we have to beleive that the Blessed Virgin Mary would not suffer death as we know it. 

This brings me to the point I wanted to make by all of this, that the Blessed Mother didn’t die She was raised body and soul into Heaven She was Assumed into Heaven because She was Immaculate She wouldn’t suffer death as you and I.

If she had died, don't you think it would be in the Bible somewhere?  In the cases of the Apostles, there is documentation of each of their deaths, but not of Our Lady.  Why?  We as Catholics know why. 

Because, She DID NOT Die…She was Assumed body and soul into Heaven to be with God for all Eternity.

She received the promise that God had intended for Adam and Eve.

God Bless Your Sister in Jesus Christ,




Ms Nancy Pelosi Must Be Excommunicated ASAP!!

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Yesterday my bestest friend Diane was nails spitting furious and she had every right to be, she informed me that Ms Pelosi was at it yet again, procuring for abortion, this time at a NARAL dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco where she discussed de-funding of Planned Parenthood and that the Republicans needed “a lesson in the birds and the bees”.Such audacity and arrogance!


It is Ms Pelosi that needs a lesson, a lesson in the CatholicFaith and the Codex of Catholic Canon Law! The following is an excerpt from the codex of Catholic Canon Law relating to abortion:


Canon 1398: “A person who procures a completed abortionincurs a latae sententiae excommunication.”


Canon 751: “Heresy is the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt after the reception of baptism of some truth which is to be believed bydivine and Catholic faith; apostasy is the total repudiation of the Christian faith; schism is the refusal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him.”


Canon 1364 §1: “an apostate from the faith, a heretic, or a schismatic incurs a latae sententiae excommunication.”


Apostasy, heresy, and schism are all offences which incur asentence of excommunication automatically. Heresy is the obstinate denial of any truth of the Catholic faith, on a matter of faith or morals, which has been definitively taught by the Magisterium. The Magisterium has repeatedly anddefinitively taught that abortion is always gravely immoral. (CCC 2270 to 2275)


Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, n. 57: “Therefore, by the authority which Christ conferred upon Peter and his Successors, and incommunion with the Bishops of the Catholic Church, I confirm that the direct and voluntary killing of an innocent human being is always gravely immoral.This doctrine, based upon that unwritten law which man, in the light of reason,finds in his own heart (cf. Rom 2:14-15), is reaffirmed by Sacred Scripture,transmitted by the Tradition of the Church and taught by the ordinary anduniversal Magisterium.”


Obtaining an Abortion 

Any Catholic who deliberately and knowingly obtains aprocured abortion commits a mortal sin and is also automatically excommunicated, under canon 1398.


Under the laws of secular society, if one person commits a crime, then anyone who deliberately and knowingly provides essential or substantial means for that person to commit that crime is called an accessory to that crime and is also subject to the penalties of law. Similarly, any Catholic who deliberately and knowingly provides essential or substantial means for any woman to procure an abortion also commits a mortal sin and also incurs the same sentence of excommunication.


Any Catholic who substantially assists another in the deliberate sin of abortion is also guilty of serious sin and also incurs a latae sententiae excommunication.


Those laws cover the following:

Those that have an abortion, those that perform abortions and those that procure for abortions, and that last one relates to Ms Pelosi.


She has already been taken to the woodshed and has been given an admonishment by Archbishop George Neiderauer of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, despite that she still persists! Instantaneously Archbishop George Neiderauer must publicly issue latae sententiae excommunication on Ms Pelosi.She is to be denied from receiving the Holy Eucharist, by any priest or bishop or the Pope himself. I did not leave out cardinal for there are only two priests.

Priests fall into two categories priest or bishop a cardinal is just a bishop with a title. Cardinals have no power in the Catholic church. They are not over Bishops or Priests. Cardinals are chosen by the Pope from the 2946 bishops to take on an additional title of Cardinal. Cardinals have no power over other Bishops. So Cardinals are Bishops with additional privilege but do not rank over anyone outside their own diocese. Cardinals act as an advisory panel for the Pope and elect the new pope when the current one dies. The Pope is actually is a bishop, the Archbishop of Rome head of all bishops.


Now having stated that, any of the above including the Pope himself that would administer the Holy Eucharist to Ms Pelosi would be committing a mortal sin.


Promoting Abortion:

Those Catholics who publicly announce their denial that abortion is always gravely immoral, or who publicly promote abortion, or who publicly argue infavor of legalized abortion, also commit a mortal sin and also incur a sentence of automatic excommunication.

This sentence of excommunication applies to Catholics who are politicians i.e. Pelosi, as well as to those Catholics who are political commentators, or public speakers,or who write or otherwise publicly communicate their erroneous view that abortion can be morally-acceptable or that abortion should be legal. This sentence of excommunication also certainly applies to those Catholics who claim to be theologians or Biblical scholars, but who believe or teach that abortionis not always gravely immoral.

Those Catholics who promote abortion are automatically excommunicated for twor easons. First, they have fallen into the sin of heresy by believing that abortion is not always gravely immoral (canons 751 and 1364). Second, these Catholics are providing substantial assistance for women to obtain abortions by influencing public policy to make abortions legal, and to keep abortions legal,and to broaden access to abortion. Those who provide such substantial assistance commit a mortal sin and incur a sentence of automatic excommunication ( canon 1398 ) That includes Ms Pelosi


Any Catholic who substantially assists another in the deliberate sin of abortion is also guilty of serious sin and also incurs a latae sententiae excommunication. That includes Ms Pelosi’s procurement for abortion by calling for funding of planned parenthood.


The backbone and the heart of our Catholic Website is to facilitate and promote Catholic Canon Law and to hold those accountable those that fail to do so and that includes all Catholic clergy as well as the laity.


For all that read this post we deeply and humbly urge you to contact:

Archbishop Most Rev. George H. Niederauer and or Chancellor Rev. Msgr. C. Michael Padazinski, JCD


At… The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco

One Peter Yorke Way

San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 614-5500

[email protected]


Diane and I both ask that you please be respectful and polite, remember that they are men of God even if they are making grievous mistakes, but be passionate and stubborn in your persistence in them correcting these moral and sinful wrongs.

As always May God†♥ Bless My Bestest Friend Diane And Family, May God†♥ Bless Each and Everyone Reading this Post and May May God†♥ Bless America


No Honor or Respect For Geraldine Ferraro- Disdain For Sarah Palin

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Never underestimate the left wing media’s ability to exploit and exacerbate a cause célèbre, this time it is the passing on of former Rep. Geraldine Ferraro. Naturally they have to portray her as a patron saint, do the math, left wing media + left wing feminist politician = media frenzy over a person of who’s passing should not be celebrated as though it were martyrdom.


Do I sound impersonal? Not at all, I am simply being pragmatic and logical, more importantly loyal to my Catholic Faith, something Ms Ferraro was not according to Catholic Canon Law. She was the typical northeastern liberal, pro “gay rights” “pro choice” which is code for abortion on demand, hardly in step with true Catholicism, she was just another one of those cafeteria Catholics that want to pick and chose tenets of the Catholic faith they choose to follow while ignoring others. These type Catholics are totally misguided liberals that tragically go through life thinking that the Catholic faith is a constitutional democracy that they can add amendments to in the guise of “political justice” “social justice” and last but not least “social engineering” i.e. lets see oh “gay rights is popular so lets support it, lets demand that the Pope is “out of touch with mainstream society and demand he honor and respect “gay rights” What God wants is not important, we don’t answer to God, we answer to our liberal constituency, after all we need to be reelected. I do not honor or respect what Ms Ferraro stood for politically, however my duty as a proper Catholic in good standing is to pray for her as we are called to do in prayers for the faithful departed, and also for the poor souls in purgatory.


I have one more bone to pick, that is with Sarah Palin whom my “bestest” friend♥  says has “gone over to the dark side” well, she is absolutely spot on! She has, and with yesterday’s verbal pabulum she did a disservice to her character and principles by her praise of Ms Ferraro which should be her political polar opposite. Was it really necessary for Ms. Palin to lavish such terms as a “trailblazer” “Breaking the glass ceiling” and all this feminist verbal psychobabble.

As far as I am concerned, it made her appear immature and shallow. Right now Ms. Palin's problem is not knowing when to keep her big yap trap shut. She reminds me of an old proverb “It is better to remain silent and let people wonder if you are a fool then to speak up and remove all doubt” It is no wonder that Ms. Palin's approval as acutely dropped in the past month or so, her dribble these days makes one shriek like fingernails raking a blackboard. A word of advice Ms Palin you would have done yourself much better had you remained silent and used you kissing up time devoted to private prayer for Ms Ferraro, that is what separates the wise from the foolish. As always may God♥ Bless You all and May God Bless America♥


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